Describe what happens in photosynthesis, including using a word equation and recognise the chemical formulas for carbon dioxide, water, oxygen & glucose

Explain why photosynthesis is an endothermic reaction
Recall the limiting factors of photosynthesis
Explain how limiting factors affect the rate of photosynthesis, including graphical interpretation (limited to one factor)
HT ONLY: Explain how the limiting factors of photosynthesis interact, inc graphical interpretation (two/three factors)

HT ONLY: Explain how limiting factors are important to the economics of greenhouses, including data interpretation
HT ONLY: Explain and use inverse proportion in the context of photosynthesis
Required practical 5: investigate the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis using an aquatic organism such as pondweed

Describe how the glucose produced in photosynthesis is used by plants